Dental Equipment TJ2688 B2

The multi-functional foot switch of the TJ2688 B2 controls the water supply and air supply of the dental handpiece. It also controls the chair position and backrest position, water supply of the mouthwash cup and water flush of the spittoon. The foot switch rotates the ceramic spittoon that is easy is clean. The TJ2688 B2 dental treatment machine adopts the United States hose and Taiwan mute motor. The high-quality spare parts we use, enhance the durability and quality of the machine.

Dental Equipment TJ2688 B2

Multi-functional foot switch
Multi-functional foot switch controls water supply and air alone, chair position, backrest position, water supply of mouthwash cup and cuspidor through the foot pedal.

There are 3 chair position memory buttons and chair position reset buttons. Other buttons on the keypad control the chair position and backrest position, quantified water supply of mouthwash cup, and water supply of cuspidor.

  • Multi-functional keypad

The ceramic spittoon can be rotated 180°and is easy to clean.

Multi-functional assistant console is outfitted with a simple keypad. The buttons on the keyboard control the chair position and backrest position, water supply of cuspidor and mouthwash cup. The rack of the assistant console is equipped with standard air saliva ejector, hydrodynamic saliva ejector and three-way syringe that can provide hot water.

  • Multi-functional assistant console
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