Dental Equipment TJ2688 A1

The TJ2688 A1 is equipped with 5 fixtures and a standard foot switch that controls the water supply to the tool tray. The device was designed with 40x70 area to maximize the space for placing surgical supplies and tools. The two reset buttons on the standard keypad reset and control the chair position.

Dental Equipment TJ2688 A1

Foot switch
Foot switch is equipped with a water switch controller for controlling water supply of the tool tray.

The hoses in the tool tray are acid-resistant and alkali-resistant with service life of up to 3 years. The dental treatment machine is equipped with 5 fixtures. The ergonomically-designed rack has a proper height and inclination for doctors in the dental surgery to replace tools conveniently. The device is designed with 40x70 to maximize the area for placing the surgical supplies and tools.

  • Hanging tool tray

The buttons on the keypad reset and control the chair position and backrest position, quantified water supply of mouthwash cup, water supply of cuspidor and constant temperature heating of water.

  • Keypad

Three-way syringe meets the basic surgical requirement.

  • Fixed ceramic spittoon
  • Saliva ejector (strong and weak)

Removable chair handrail on the left side facilitates the patient to sit on the chair. It also supports the patient’s arm in the course of surgery. The handrail is simple to dismount and assemble. Pull the handrail and rotates it 90degrees to pull the handrail down easily.

  • Removable chair handrail on the left side
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