The TJ2688 A1 is equipped with 5 fixtures and a standard foot switch that controls the water supply to the tool tray.

Our TJ2688 A1-1 is outfitted with a hanging tool tray. The hoses in the tool tray are anti-acid and anti-alkali, and possess long service life.

The multi-functional foot switch of the TJ2688 B2 controls the water supply and air supply of the dental handpiece.

The widened and lengthened TJ2688 C3 dental treatment machine is equipped with a hanging tool tray and 5 fixtures, which is suitable for a variety of surgeries.

The seat of TJ2688 D4 has been widened to better accommodate larger patients. The rotatable and easy-to-clean ceramic spittoon can be rotated 180 °.

TJ2688 E5 dental treatment machine is widened and lengthened. The smooth internal bottom of the glass spittoon reduces the splashing of water stains.

The seat of TJ2688 F6 is divided into three parts. It can be adjusted according to specific needs. Each layer of the chair may be folded separately.

The operations of TJ2688 G7 dental treatment machine can be controlled by the foot switch, such as chair position control, backrest control, spittoon flush supply control and mouthwash cup water supply control.

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