Production workshop

Our manufacturing warehouse with a total area of nearly 1,000 square meters, has been neatly organized into two sub-workshops, processing and assembly. This organization helps us to optimize efficiency and lower costs.

All mechanical parts of the dental treatment machines are produced in our metalworking workshop. This advanced production area is equipped with several intelligent machining lathes, Taiwan CNC robot arms, and two processing devices which automatically process parts. The monthly production capacity of our dental treatment machines is 3000 units.

In the assembly workshop, we carry out the processing of pipe fittings, where workers operate under efficient management. The staff process pipe fittings to the required size of the equipment in accordance with the drawings. The components of the handpiece rack only need to be combined and stored in warehouse for use.

  • Metalworking workshop
  • Assembly workshop
Product Videos
  • Dental Equipment TJ2688 A1
  • Dental Equipment TJ2688 A1-1
  • Dental Equipment TJ2688 B2
  • Dental Equipment TJ2688 C3
  • Dental Equipment TJ2688 D4
  • Dental Equipment TJ2688 E5
  • Dental Equipment TJ2688 F6
  • Dental Equipment TJ2688 G7