Assembly workshop

In the assembly workshop, we carry out the processing of pipe fittings, where workers operate under efficient management. The staff process pipe fittings to the required size of the equipment in accordance with the drawings. The components of the handpiece rack only need to be combined and stored in warehouse for use. Our spare parts warehouse is more than 100 m2 of intelligently organized storage. It is filled with over 300 categories of parts. Assembly includes seat assembly, rack assembly and tool plate assembly. Each step is finished in the designated area. Next, finished equipment undergoes debugging and testing, then qualified machines are packaged and ready for delivery.

Assembly workshop
  • Production workshop
  • Assembly area and warehouse
  • Plastic pipe processing area
  • Pipe cutting machine
  • Positioning device
  • Length scale
  • Pipe plate
  • Tool plate assembly station
  • Control fittings assembly
  • Combined tool holder
  • Assembled tool plate parts
  • Metal parts storage
  • Pipe fittings storage
  • Plastic and ceramic parts warehouses
  • Support arm

Assembly zone

  • Packaging warehouse
  • Plastic film package
  • Equipment assembly
  • Toolbox assembly
  • Toolbox assembly
  • Installation of tube on toolbox
  • Seat assembly
  • Hydraulic pump installation
  • Nozzle installation
  • Vertical box assembly
  • Debugging
  • Three-gear pressure control

Nozzle control test

  • Seat test
  • Adjustment test in different directions

Multiple CNC machine tools in assembly workshop complete the processing of parts in a variety of operating conditions.

  • Finished product storage area
  • Metalworking workshop
  • Assembly workshop
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